Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm on Top of the World!

March 2nd

The drive to Cape Town was a long one, but definitely worth the scenery. We took the Garden Route which was absolutely beautiful! I was so tired, but didn’t want to risk falling asleep and missing a second of the beauty around me. Oddly enough, my first time in Cape Town was also Eminem’s first time in Cape Town, so what better way to start off our trip than with tickets to his concert!

Thursday was a pretty chill day. We got an early start so we could drive down to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope to spend most of our day there. It was so cool to actually be on the most Southern tip of Africa and the views were absolutely amazing! We also took a longer drive back to our hostel so that we could stop and see some different beaches, which also had some amazing views. Thinking back to my trip in general, it was almost impossible to be anywhere in South Africa that didn’t have an amazing view.

Friday was also a pretty relaxed day. We had the best all you can eat buffet at the hostel for only $5. We were going to hike Table Mountain, but it was completely covered in clouds making it too dangerous. Instead, we went to the Waterfront. It was such a nice area with a lot of shops and a few museums. We went to the Oceanarium to see penguins and also went to a few local museums. I was a little disappointed with the museums, but it was still cool to walk around and look at the history of another culture. That night we went to a few different restaurants on Long Street which is basically just this huge street that is really popular because it’s just filled with all kinds of restaurants and bars.

Saturday was by far my favorite day in Cape Town. The conditions were just right, so immediately after breakfast we started our two hour hike up to the top of Table Mountain. Once upon a time I thought I was fairly in shape…... and then we started the climb. It was by far one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done, especially when we got close to the top because the last stretch was pretty steep, but every second of spaghetti legs was all the worth the feeling of triumph I felt when I got to the top. There's is no way a picture could ever capture the beauty I saw as I looked down from the top.  And  now no one will ever have to listen to me complain about climbing another set of stairs again in my life.

Climbing that mountain was a lot like everything in life... There are hard times, times when you don't want to keep going and you don't think it'll ever get easier. times when reaching the top is out of sight. But that moment when it's in sight it's like a sudden burst of motivation. And the second you actually get there it's the best feeling in the world knowing what you accomplished. 

After hiking, I made a last minute decision that I wanted to go paragliding and within a matter of minutes I was rushed off to the take off site and being strapped in. It all happened so fast. One second I was standing there getting strapped in and the next my feet were off the ground... I was flying! That morning I didn’t think I could see views any better than what I saw on the top of the mountain, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was so amazing to be flying around just above the city.

Just before sunset, we hiked up to the top of Lion’s Head. It was not as extreme as Table Mountain which was nice because you could enjoy more of the view as you hiked instead of paying attention to where you’re putting your feet. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in so we couldn’t see the sunset, but the view from the top was still beautiful. I also met two Americans at the top, I can sniff them out from a mile away. Not many Americans travel here, so it’s always nice to run into fellow Americans, it’s like finding a little piece of home. 

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